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  3 Responses to “Anne”

  1. Annelie,

    I must say this for you

    You are a strong and intensely bright searchlight that penetrates the darkness so that others may see.

    You are a light that dispels the confusions; you are the light that delivers the message from afar, that we have all come this immense distance together to arrive with each other to marvel at it.

    You show people how to see far. Way, way out there far…and thereby show people how to see further into themselves.

    I have seen farther because of you…and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    This cannot be overstated. You are an exemplary example of the most graceful outcome of which our beloved universe is capable.

    We may be small, but even we can appreciate beauty across an immensity of scale and time: you have shown us how to identify it – you are as beautiful as a galaxy, as striking as supernova, and in your work as steadily and reliably powerful as a quasar.

    I am compelled by the fluttering in my heart to express my deep appreciation of your unsurpassed excellency in transmitting the beauties of the universe we both adore.

    I trust it is not presumptuous to suspect that our good configurations are visited time and again as part and parcel of a universe that permits all possibility as a matter of absolute certainty.

    Be well.


    Adolf Schaller

  2. Get well soon Mrs. Anne…will miss your images…. GBU..

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