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March 3, 2013

NGC 2613, a barred spiral galaxy in Pyxis

NGC 2613, a close-up view

Image Credit & Copyright: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

NGC 2613 is a barred spiral galaxy that lies about 66 million light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation of Pyxis (The Mariner’s Compass), while it is receding from us at 1660 – 1676 kilometers per second. It has a nearby companion galaxy, designated ESO 495-G017.

This galaxy is thought to resemble our own Milky Way.

NGC 2613 is an extremely massive galaxy that contains a deeply embedded active nucleus – that probably hosts a supermassive black hole – in a smooth bulge of stars from which the many tightly wound spiral arms emanate.

This rarely imaged starburst galaxy that we see nearly edge-on is known for a chaotic pattern of dark dust lanes superimposed upon the spiral arms, which contain stars, star clouds where new stars are being born, and interstellar gas and dust.

This image is taken with the Subaru Telescope from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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