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Anne’s Image of Today: The Comet Galaxy

  August 15, 2014 The Comet Galaxy, a spiral galaxy in Sculptor Image Credit: NASA & ESA The Comet Galaxy is a spiral galaxy with a little more mass than our Milky Way galaxy, located 3.2 billion light-years away from Earth, within the galaxy cluster Abell 2667, in the small southern constellation of Sculptor. It was [continue reading]

Rosetta Arrives at Comet Destination

  After a decade-long journey chasing its target, ESA’s Rosetta has today become the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet, opening a new chapter in Solar System exploration. Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and Rosetta now lie 405 million kilometers from Earth, about half way between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, rushing towards the inner Solar System at [continue reading]

Anne’s Image of Today: Dark Cloud Lupus 3

  August 6, 2014 Lupus 3, a dark cloud in Scorpius Image Credit: ESO/F. Comeron Lupus 3 is a dark, star-forming cloud with an associated cluster of brilliant stars, located about 600 light-years from Earth within our Milky Way Galaxy in the southern constellation of Scorpius (the Scorpion). The section shown here is about five light-years [continue reading]

Anne’s Image of Today: Spiral Galaxy NGC 514

  July 29, 2014 NGC 514, an intermediate spiral galaxy in Pisces Image Credit: Curt Harris/NOAO/AURA/NSF and Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona ( NGC 514 is an intermediate spiral galaxy, located about 95.9 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Pisces (the Fishes), while it is receding from us at approximately 2,472 kilometers per [continue reading]