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Charged objects like protons and electrons are connected by electromagnetism.  Massive objects like planets and our Sun are connected by gravity.  From falling balls to an electric shock, gravity and electromagnetism are the forces we experience daily.

Double stars are sometimes very special.  These double stars are more massive than our Sun and can fit within a small city.  Their protons and electrons have been crushed together under these extreme conditions.  The forces we experience daily connect them and these forces have gone mad.  The Universe most powerful gravity and electromagnetism connect these double stars.

These powerful forces are coordinated or synchronized through space.  Swinging the double stars around one another in a violent dance, these forces generate a wave within space.  A space-wave is a mysterious connection between double stars, their forces and their orbits.

Space-waves are mysterious and dark.  The strongest light can never make these waves seen.  We can detect a space-waves’ presence because they are generated.  The simple table top experiment below models how space-waves are generated.

Five metronomes are set to 176 bpm and placed on a Foam Core board. When empty cans are placed underneath, the board is free to move from side to side and the metronomes are able to influence each other into synchronization. When the cans are removed the metronomes are no longer physically coupled and some of them begin to fall out of step.

Space-waves are like the back and forth shifting board.  Everything is resting on this board; even light itself.  Space-waves can bend lights’ path and shift an objects’ orbit.  Einstein predicted these effects as a consequence of space-time.

We now know space-time is a space-wave.  The space-wave connection to bending light and shifting orbits was successfully explained during an eight year research project.  Amazingly, space-wave ripples effect is Dark Matter.  The mysterious connection between double stars also proved electromagnetism and gravity could be unified as Einstein dreamed.

Mr. Jamahl Peavey at the Department of Physics of The Arlington School

For more details, see Indian Journal of Science and Technology peer-reviewed publication:

Written and provided by the researcher himself: Mr. Jamahl Peavey,
Physics and Mathematics Instructor/Mechanical Engineer at
The ArlingtonSchool, Department of Physics,
115 Mill Street, Belmont, MA 02478.                                                                                   Contact: arlingtonpeavey@yahoo.com

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