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 Great Astrophotography Websites!


Robert Gendler,  astrophotographer (Rob Gendler Astropics)

R. Jay GaBany, astrophotographer (Cosmotography)

Adam Block, astrophotographer (Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona)

Roth Ritter, astrophotographer (Dark Atmospheres Astrophotography)

J-P (Jukka-PekkaMetsävainio, astrophotographer (AstroAnarchy)

Michael Sidonio, astrophotographer (strongmanmike2002)

Ken Crawford, astrophotographer (Rancho Del Sol Observatory)

Don Goldman, astrophotographer (Astrodon Imaging)

Martin Pugh, astrophotographer  (Martin Pugh Astrophotography)

Dieter Beer, astrophotographer (Starhopper)

Patrick Hochleitner, astrophotographer (Photohunter)

Jeffrey O. (Jeff) Johnson, astrophotographer (jeffj astrophotography)

Dan Huffman, astrophotographer (Feather River Observatory)

Warren A. Keller, astrophotographer (

University of California High-Performance AstroComputing Center (UC-HiPACC), with a gallery of astrophysical simulation images and videos, and a large collection of academic video lectures.



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