Distant Horizons – Different Surfaces

Distant Horizons - Different Surfaces

Distant Horizons – Different Surfaces (Itokawa / Moon / Venus / Mars / Titan / Earth)

Poster showing a comparison of images from planetary surfaces ordered by increasing complexity of the surface processes.

Image shows the surfaces of Asteroid Itokawa, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Titan, and Earth. All images show a view of nearby rocks to the distant horizon. The amount of surface modification evident of each of the bodies increases roughly from left to right.

From the the rubble pile asteroid of Itokawa, the cratered plains of the moon, the volcanic basalts of Venus, the basalt filled craters of Mars, the eroded icy cobbles of Titan to the great oceans of Earth, a variety of surfaces in our solar system is represented.

Image Credits:
Asteroid Itokawa [Hayabusa]: ISAS / JAXA / Gordan Ugarkovic
Moon [Apollo 17]: NASA
Venus [Venera 14]: IKI / Don Mitchell / Ted Stryk / Mike Malaska
Mars [Mars Exploration Rover Spirit]: NASA / JPL / Cornell / Mike Malaska
Titan [Cassini Huygens]: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona
Earth: Mike Malaska

Composition by Mike Malaska

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