okt 142012
Anne's Picture of the Day: Circinus Galaxy

October 14, 2012 Circinus Galaxy, an active spiral galaxy in Circinus Image Credit: Andrew S. Wilson (U. Maryland) et al., WFPC2, HST, NASA Circinus Galaxy (ESO 97-G13), is an active spiral galaxy (Type Seyfert II), located about 13 million light-years away in the Circinus constellation, just below the Galactic plane. The Circinus Galaxy is one [continue reading]

okt 032012
Active Galaxies Avoid Living Near Centers of Galaxy Clusters

  A population study of active galaxies in X-rays shows that they get discouraged from living near the centers of galaxy clusters, and that there is an important interplay between gas inside and outside the galaxies. Chandra X-ray counts image for the galaxy cluster MACS J1931.8-2634 showing the diffuse X-ray emisstion from the hit cluster [continue reading]

sep 142012
Fireworks in the Early Universe

  Galaxies in the early Universe were rapidly making new stars. The ignition of these bright-shining stars gave fireworks in the form of intense energy bursts in the cores of the galaxies, and strong radio emissions. This has been discovered by an international team of astronomers under the leadership of the Dutch Prof. Peter Barthel. [continue reading]