mei 282012
How Matter Is Formed and the Universe Began

  An international collaboration of scientists, including Thomas Blum, associate professor of physics of the University of Connecticut, is reporting in landmark detail the decay process of a subatomic particle called a kaon – information that may help answer fundamental questions about how the universe began. Artist rendering of the beginning of the Univers. Credit: Mark. [continue reading]

mrt 092012
Announcing the First Results from Daya Bay: Discovery of a New Kind of Neutrino Transformation

Knowing how different kinds of neutrinos mix and change could reveal their masses, explore differences between neutrinos and antineutrinos, and explain why there is any matter at all in the universe Each antineutrino detector at Daya Bay is lined with photomultiplier tubes to catch the faint trace of antineutrino reactions in the scintillator fluids that [continue reading]

mrt 012012
New twist in antimatter mystery

CDF was one of two multi-purpose experiments at the US Tevatron accelerator near Chicago. Physicists have taken a step forward in their efforts to understand why the Universe is dominated by matter, and not its shadowy opposite antimatter. A US experiment has confirmed previous findings that hinted at phenomena outside our understanding of physics. The [continue reading]