jul 142012
"Arsenic Life" Needs Phosphorus After All

  Two new reports detailed online in the journal Science show that the bacterium known as GFAJ-1 requires small amounts of phosphate to grow — and that it cannot substitute arsenic for phosphorus to survive, as one previous report had suggested. The GFAJ-1 bacterium. Image credit: Science/AAAS The GFAJ-1 bacterium, found in the arsenic-rich sediments of California’s [continue reading]

apr 302012
Astronomers Detected Arsenic And Selenium In An Ancient Star

  The Big Bang produced lots of hydrogen and helium and a smidgen of lithium. All heavier elements found on the periodic table have been produced by stars over the last 13.7 billion years. Astronomers analyze starlight to determine the chemical makeup of stars, the origin of the elements, the ages of stars, and the [continue reading]