apr 102012
Transfer of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth to Other Planets

The probability is investigated that the meteorites originating on Earth are transferred to other planets in our Solar System and to extra solar planets. We take the collisional Chicxulub crater event, and material that was ejected as an example of Earth-origin meteors.   This is an illustration of the Chicxulub impact. Credit: NASA/JPL   If [continue reading]

apr 072012
HD 10180: Record-setting solar system spotted

A sun-like star some 127 light years away may harbor a record number of planets, nine, spotted in another solar system. Our own solar system only possesses eight planets, with the recent demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status by astronomers. HD 10180 planetary system (Artist’s Impression)  Credit: ESO Accepted for publication by the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, [continue reading]

apr 022012
How Deep Must Life Hide to be Safe on Europa?

  Jupiter’s icy moon is subject to constant and significant blasts of radiation. A new experiment attempts to determine how deep life must lay beneath the crust in order to survive. This will be important for future missions looking for life on Europa. Considered one of the best potential sources for extraterrestrial life in the [continue reading]

apr 012012
Organics Probably Formed Easily in Early Solar System

Complex organic compounds, including many important to life on Earth, were readily produced under conditions that likely prevailed in the primordial solar system. Scientists at the University of Chicago and NASA Ames Research Center came to this conclusion after linking computer simulations to laboratory experiments. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope observed a fledgling solar system like [continue reading]

mrt 292012
Is it snowing microbes on Enceladus?

There’s a tiny moon orbiting beyond Saturn’s rings that’s full of promise, and maybe — just maybe — microbes. In a series of tantalizingly close flybys to the moon, named “Enceladus”,  NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed watery jets erupting from what may be a vast underground sea. These jets, which spew through cracks in the [continue reading]

mrt 282012
New evidence that comets deposited building blocks of life on primordial Earth

New research reported yesterday at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) provides further support for the idea that comets bombarding Earth billions of years ago carried and deposited the key ingredients for life to spring up on the planet.   New research supports theories that comets striking Earth set [continue reading]