jan 172013
Anne's Picture of the Day: Planetary Nebula Fleming 1

January 17, 2013 Fleming 1, a planetary nebula in Centaurus Image Credit: ESO/H. Boffin Fleming 1 is a planetary nebula that lies about 10,000 light-years away in the constellation of Centaurus, while moving away from us at approximately 28.6 kilometers per second. It is named after the Scottish astronomer Williamina Fleming, who discovered the nebula [continue reading]

nov 102012
Symmetric Jets of Planetary Nebulae Explained

  Odd pair of aging stars sculpt spectacular shape of planetary nebula   Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have discovered a pair of stars orbiting each other at the center of one of the most remarkable examples of a planetary nebula. The new result confirms a long-debated theory about what controls the spectacular and symmetric appearance [continue reading]

aug 292012
Binary White Dwarfs Produce Gravitational Waves

  A team of astronomers led by researchers from The University of Texas at Austin has confirmed the emission of gravitational waves from the second-strongest known source in our galaxy by studying the shrinking orbital period of a unique pair of burnt-out stars. Their observations tested Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity in a new [continue reading]