apr 192013
Anne's Picture of the Day: Nebula the Dark Tower

April 19, 2013 The Dark Tower, a cometary globule in Scorpius Image Credit & Copyright: Don Goldman, Astrodon Imaging (http://www.astrodonimaging.com) The Dark Tower is an elongated dark cloud of dust and gas of about 40 light-years across, located some 5,000 light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation of Scorpius. Silhouetted against a crowded star field, [continue reading]

okt 232012
The Milky Way's Black Hole is Ready for Lunch

  Get ready for a fascinating eating experience in the center of our galaxy. The event involves a supermassive black hole that may devour much of an approaching cloud of dust and gas known as G2. Simulations of the dust and gas cloud G2 on its orbit around the Milky Way central black hole SgrA*. Image [continue reading]

aug 032012
Supernova Explosions Polluted the Solar System

  For decades it has been thought that a shock wave from a supernova explosion triggered the formation of our Solar System. According to this theory, the shock wave also injected material from the exploding star into a cloud of dust and gas, and the newly polluted cloud collapsed to form the Sun and its [continue reading]