okt 052013
Anne's Image of the Day: Distorted Galaxy IRAS 23436+5257

October 5, 2013 IRAS 23436+5257, a distorted galaxy in Cassiopeia Image Credit: Judy Schmidt,  ESA, Hubble and NASA IRAS 23436+5257 is a bright distorted galaxy in the northern constellation of Cassiopeia, which is named after an arrogant, vain, and yet beautiful queen in Greek mythology. It is speeding away from us at about 10,233 kilometers [continue reading]

jan 282013
Possible Birth Of A Quasar Witnessed

  Sighting may help improve understanding of the early Universe   Scientists in Australia believe they’ve identified a quasar in the process of lighting up, for the very first time. This discovery could help scientists answer lingering questions about how these exceptionally bright celestial bodies form, and how they helped the ancient Universe shape today’s galaxies. [continue reading]

feb 172012
Archaeology of galaxies - The Dragon clash

NGC 5907 is a spiral galaxy lying in the Dragon constellation, showing extraordinary large loops and currents of stars in its surrounding halo. According to researchers, it could have been formed through a gigantic collision of galaxies, 8 to 9 billion years ago. Six scientists of the Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, [continue reading]