apr 262013
Jupiter’s Water Linked to Comet Impact

  ESA’s Herschel space observatory has solved a long-standing mystery as to the origin of water in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, finding conclusive evidence that it was delivered by the dramatic impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in July 1994. Hubble view of the impact sites, a few days after the impacts. Image Credit: Hubble Space Telescope [continue reading]

sep 132012
Explosion on Jupiter Spotted

  Astronomer Dan Peterson of Racine in Wisconsin observed an apparent impact on Jupiter early Monday that created a large, bright fireball on the planet. He was observing the largest planet in our Solar System with his 12-inch telescope when the event occurred. Dan Petersen reported the sighting on the ALPO_Jupiter forum. Jupiter Impact 10 [continue reading]

mrt 312012
Simulations unravel mysteries of 2009 Jupiter impact

  HST image taken on July 23rd 2009 showing the impact “scar” on Jupiter. Image Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Wong, H. Hammel, I. de Pater, and the Jupiter Impact Team During July of 1994, both amateur and professional astronomers were captivated as comet Shoemaker/Levy 9 broke apart and slammed into the atmosphere of Jupiter. While [continue reading]