feb 252013
Asteroids with Comet-Like Trails

  Unlike comets, asteroids are not characterized by exhibiting a trail, but there are now ten exceptions. Spanish researchers have observed one of these rare asteroids from the Gran Telescopio Canarias (Spain) and have discovered that something happened around the 1st July 2011 causing its trail to appear: maybe internal rupture or collision with another asteroid. This [continue reading]

feb 102013
Comet Pan-STARRS Possibly Visible to the Naked Eye in March

  Far beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto, where the Sun is a pinprick of light not much brighter than other stars, a vast swarm of icy bodies circles the Solar System. Astronomers call it the “Oort Cloud,” and it is the source of some of history’s finest comets. One of them could be [continue reading]

nov 112012
Incredible Number of Comet Collisions Explain Stellar Mystery

  Every six seconds, for millions of years, comets have been colliding with one another near a star in the constellation Cetus called 49 CETI, which is visible to the naked eye. An artsists concept of a “Kuiper Belt” with comets. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Over the past three decades, astronomers have discovered hundreds of dusty [continue reading]

nov 032012
The Hergenrother Comet is Splitting Apart Right Now

  The Hergenrother comet is currently traversing the inner-Solar System. Amateur and professional astronomers alike have been following the icy-dirt ball over the past several weeks as it has been generating a series of impressive outbursts of cometary-dust material. Now comes word that the comet’s nucleus has taken the next step in its relationship with [continue reading]