aug 062014
Anne's Image of Today: Dark Cloud Lupus 3

  August 6, 2014 Lupus 3, a dark cloud in Scorpius Image Credit: ESO/F. Comeron Lupus 3 is a dark, star-forming cloud with an associated cluster of brilliant stars, located about 600 light-years from Earth within our Milky Way Galaxy in the southern constellation of Scorpius (the Scorpion). The section shown here is about five light-years [continue reading]

dec 092013
Anne's Image of the Day: Dark Cloud Barnard 68

December 9, 2013 Barnard 68, a dark cloud in Ophiuchus  Image Credit: ESO Barnard 68 (named after the American astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard) is a molecular cloud, dark absorption nebula or Bok globule of about half a light-year across and a mass about twice that of the Sun, located within our Milky Way galaxy, only [continue reading]

sep 292013
Anne's Image of the Day: Dark Nebula LDN 673

September 29, 2013 LDN 673, a dark cloud complex in Aquila Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona ( LDN 673 (Lynds’ Dark Nebula 673) is a highly fractured and very dense dark cloud complex of about 7 light-years across, located in the center of the Aquila Rift, some 300 – 600 [continue reading]

aug 302013
Anne's Image of the Day: Stellar Nursery W40

August 30, 2013 W40, a stellar nursery in Aquila Image Credits: ESA and the SPIRE & PACS consortia, Ph. André (CEA Saclay) for the Gould’s Belt Key Programme Consortia W40 (also known as Sh2-64 and RCW 174) is a stellar nursery of some 25 light-years across, located between 1,000 and 2,000 light years-away from Earth [continue reading]

jul 112013
Witnessing the Birth of a Monster Star

  New observations using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter array (ALMA) have given astronomers the best view yet of a monster star in the process of forming within a dark cloud. A stellar womb with over 500 times the mass of the Sun has been found — the largest ever seen in the Milky Way — [continue reading]

okt 312012
New Findings on the Birth of Distant Stars

  An astronomical team led by researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg (MPIA) has gained new insights into a birthplace of stars. Using the ESA’s Herschel Space Telescope and evaluation techniques more commonly encountered in Hollywood film productions, the researchers produced a three-dimensional map of the dark cloud Barnard 68, a [continue reading]