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Saturn's Moon Dione Might Have a Subsurface Ocean

  From a distance, most of Saturn’s moon Dione resembles a bland cueball. Thanks to close-up images of a 500-mile-long (800-kilometer-long) mountain on the moon from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, scientists have found more evidence for the idea that Dione was likely active in the past. It could still be active now. The Cassini spacecraft looks [continue reading]

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Anne's Picture of the Day

October 9, 2012 Saturn’s moon Dione  Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute Dione is one of Saturn’s smaller moons and is, at 1123 km (or 700 mi) across, the 15th largest moon in the Solar System. It is more massive than all known moons smaller than itself combined, and is the third densest of Saturn’s moons (after [continue reading]

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News in Brief: Highlights from the 43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, Texas, March 19-23

Geologic activity and weather on Saturnian moons, and studies in Greenland to learn about Mars CHANGING PLANET Researchers believe icy moon Dione (shown here in front of Saturn) may once have been geologically active. NASA, JPL, Space Science Institute Saturn moon shows some action Dione, a lesser-known Saturnian moon, has been — and might still [continue reading]

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Oxygen detected in atmosphere of Saturn’s Moon Dione

Discovery could mean ingredients for life are abundant on icy space bodies Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists and an international research team have announced discovery of molecular oxygen ions (O2+) in the upper-most atmosphere of Dione, one of the 62 known moons orbiting the ringed planet. The research appeared recently in Geophysical Research Letters and [continue reading]