sep 272012
The Sun's Shockwaves Formed the Planets at Different Times

  The early years of our Solar System were a turbulent time, and questions remain about its development. Dr Tagir Abdylmyanov, Associate Professor from Kazan State Power Engineering University, has been researching shockwaves emitted from our very young Sun, and has discovered that these would have caused the planets in our Solar System to form [continue reading]

jul 052012
Planet-Forming Disk Vanishes Into Thin Air

  A study published in the July 5 edition of the journal Nature is challenging scientists’ understanding of planet formation, suggesting that planets might form much faster than previously thought or, alternatively, that stars harboring planets could be far more numerous. Animation showing the disappearance of dust from the TYC 8241 2652 system. Credit: Gemini [continue reading]

mrt 082012
Stars with Dusty Disks Should Harbor Earth-like Worlds

Summary: Stars with disks of debris around them might be good targets to search for Earth-like planets, researchers say.   Artist’s conception of the view near the planet LkCa 15b. Credit: Karen L. Teramura, UH IfA Stars with disks of debris around them might be good targets to search for Earth-like planets, researchers say. Debris disks consist of [continue reading]