mrt 092013
The Universe Accurately Measured

  New results pin down the distance to the galaxy next door   After nearly a decade of careful observations an international team of astronomers has measured the distance to our neighbouring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, more accurately than ever before. This new measurement also improves our knowledge of the rate of expansion of [continue reading]

okt 162012
Exoplanet in Four-Star System Discovered

  The discovery of planets continues to expand beyond the domain of professional astronomers. A joint effort of amateur astronomers and scientists has led to the first reported case of a planet orbiting a double-star that, in turn, is orbited by a second distant pair of stars. A family portrait of the PH1 planetary system: [continue reading]

jul 302012
Double Stars Mysterious Connection

  Charged objects like protons and electrons are connected by electromagnetism.  Massive objects like planets and our Sun are connected by gravity.  From falling balls to an electric shock, gravity and electromagnetism are the forces we experience daily. Double stars are sometimes very special.  These double stars are more massive than our Sun and can [continue reading]