feb 162013
Alternative Gravity Theory Predicts Properties of Dwarf Galaxies

  Using modified laws of gravity, researchers from Case Western Reserve University and Weizmann Institute of Science closely predicted a key property measured in faint dwarf galaxies that are satellites of the nearby giant spiral galaxy Andromeda. The Andromeda Galaxy, our large neighbour galaxy. Image Credit & Copyright: Dieter Beer (http://www.starhopper.at) & Patrick Hochleitner (http://www.photonhunter.at) The [continue reading]

feb 022013
Milky Way’s Most Distant Stellar Stream Confirmed

  A stream of at least 150 ancient variable stars has been confirmed to extend some 130,000 light-years beyond our own galaxy’s stellar halo — on the fringes of the Intergalactic Medium, where aside from hot gas and dark matter, space-time becomes as sparse as the deep Sahara. The central disk of our Milky Way [continue reading]

feb 012013
The Lack of Dwarf Galaxies Explained

  Astronomers of the international CLUES collaboration have identified “Cosmic Web Stripping” as a new way of explaining the famous missing dwarf problem: the lack of observed dwarf galaxies compared with that predicted by the theory of Cold Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Cosmic Web Stripping, Visualization. Image Credit: Alejandro Benitez Llambay High-precision observations over [continue reading]

jan 142013
Anne's Picture of the Day: Dwarf Galaxy NGC 2366

January 14, 2013 NGC 2366, a dwarf galaxy in Camelopardalis Image Credit: NASA & ESA NGC 2366 is a dwarf irregular galaxy of roughly 24,000 light-years across, located about 10 million light-years away in the constellation of Camelopardalis (the Giraffe), while it is moving away from us at some 80 – 99 kilometers per second. [continue reading]