mei 092012
Europe delivers first JWST instrument

  The first instrument to be completed for the James Webb Space Telescope, MIRI, was handed over by the European consortium that built it to ESA at a ceremony held in London today (May 5, 2012), and will now be delivered to NASA aiming for launch in 2018. Image shows an artist’s impression of the [continue reading]

apr 102012
When Stellar Metallicity Sparks Planet Formation

New research predicts the criteria needed for Earth-like planets to form around a star that have one-tenth the metallicity of our Sun. If researchers find small, rocky planets orbiting stars with lower metallicity, it may challenge the presently accepted “core accretion” model of planetary formation. Artist’s concept showing a young Sun-like star surrounded by a [continue reading]

mrt 282012
Astronomers detect vast amounts of gas and dust around black hole in early universe

Using the IRAM array of millimetre-wave telescopes in the French Alps, a team of European astronomers from Germany, the UK and France have discovered a large reservoir of gas and dust in a galaxy that surrounds the most distant supermassive black hole known. Light from the galaxy, called J1120+0641, has taken so long to reach [continue reading]

mrt 272012
 GOODS-Herschel reveals gas mass role in creating fireworks versus beacons of star formation

A study of galaxies in the deepest far-infrared image of the sky, obtained by the Herschel Space Observatory, highlights the two contrasting ways that stars formed in galaxies up to 12 billion years ago. Dr Georgios Magdis will present the results at the National Astronomy Meeting in Manchester. False colour image of BzK-21000 from the [continue reading]