jul 262013
Quasars Influence Galaxy Growth

  Quasars are among the brightest, oldest, most distant, and most powerful objects in the Universe. Powered by massive black holes at the center of most known galaxies, quasars can emit enormous amounts of energy, up to a thousand times the total output of the hundreds of billions of stars in our entire Milky Way. [continue reading]

jul 162012
Astrosat Will Study the Universe at Multi-Wavelengths

  Astrosat, the astronomy satellite India will put in polar circular orbit in 2013, will study the Universe at multi-wavelengths for the first time. Astrosat, the multi-wavelength astronomy satellite. Credit: ISRO. “The Astrosat mission will study for the first time the cosmic sources of the vast Universe at optical, ultraviolet and X-ray wavebands simultaneously,” state-run Indian Space [continue reading]