mrt 202013
The Youngest Stars Ever Seen Discovered by Herschel

  Astronomers have found some of the youngest stars ever seen, thanks to the Herschel space observatory, a European Space Agency mission with important NASA contributions. Astronomers have discovered some of the youngest stars ever seen, surrounded by dense envelopes of gas and dust. A portion of the survey is shown here in two side-by-side images [continue reading]

feb 012013
Hungry Twin Stars Gobbling Their First Meals

  Just-forming stars, like growing babies, are always hungry and must “feed” on huge amounts of gas and dust from dense envelopes surrounding them at birth. Now a team of astronomers including Robert Gutermuth, a University of Massachusetts Amherst expert in imaging data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, reports observing an unusual “baby” star that [continue reading]