jul 022013
Evidence for Exoplanet Under Construction Uncovered

  This news item was released during my holiday. You probably heard of it, but in the case you didn’t, here it is.   Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have found compelling evidence of a planet forming 7.5 billion miles away from its star, a finding that may challenge current theories about planet formation. [continue reading]

nov 122012
A Gap in the Disk of a Sun-Like Star may host Multiple Exoplanets

  A large international team of astronomers led by Jun Hashimoto (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) and Ruobing Dong (Princeton University) has used the High Contrast Instrument for the Subaru Next Generation Adaptive Optics (HiCIAO) to observe and examine PDS 70 (Note 1), a young star about 10 million years old with a mass similar [continue reading]