mrt 072013
Gas Giant Planets Can Handle It All

  New theoretical modeling by Carnegie’s Alan Boss provides clues to how the gas giant planets in our Solar System—Jupiter and Saturn—might have formed and evolved. His work was published recently by The Astrophysical Journal. Jupiter, the largest planet — a gas giant — in our Solar System. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/U.S. Geological Survey New stars are [continue reading]

mrt 242012
Astronomers put forward new theory on size of black holes

 Gas-guzzling Black Holes eat two-courses at a time Image from a simulation when the inclination is 150 degrees with full 3D rendering. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Leicester)     Astronomers have put forward a new theory about why black holes become so hugely massive – claiming some of them have no ‘table manners’, [continue reading]