jan 242013
New Revolutionary Theory of Dark Matter

  The Universe abounds with dark matter. Nobody knows what it consists of. Physicists from the University of Oslo have now launched a very hard mathematical explanation that could solve the mystery once and for all. SIGNS OF DARK MATTER: The image shows all the gamma rays recorded by the Fermi-LAT space probe as a map [continue reading]

okt 272012
Milky Way Caught Gobbling Up a Star Cluster

  Yale astronomers have caught the Milky Way having a snack. Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, researchers have discovered a stream, of stars believed to be the remnant of an ancient star cluster slowly being ingested by the Milky Way, Earth’s home galaxy. A map of stars in the outer region of the Milky Way [continue reading]

jul 152012
After Higgs is the Turn to Dark Matter and Gravity

For physicists like Bhaskar Dutta, a theoretical physicist at the Texas A&M University, the Higgs boson is more a gateway into the unknown than the final missing piece of a theory that describes the building blocks of the universe.  A typical “candidate event” in the Higgs-hunting CMS experiment. Red lines represent high-energy proton beams while yellow [continue reading]

jun 182012
Black Holes as Particle Detectors

Previously undiscovered particles could be detected as they accumulate around black holes say scientists at the Vienna University of Technology. Artist’s impression of a black hole, surrounded by axions. Finding new particles usually requires high energies – that is why huge accelerators have been built, which can accelerate particles to almost the speed of light. [continue reading]