aug 042013
Anne's Image of the Day: The Leo Triplet of Galaxies

August 4, 2013 The Leo Triplet, a small group of galaxies in Leo Image Credit & Copyright: Roth Ritter, Dark Atmospheres Astrophotography The Leo Triplet (also known as the M66 Group or Arp 317) is a small group of interacting galaxies, located about 35 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Leo (the [continue reading]

mrt 262013
Anne's Picture of the Day: Galaxy Group HCG 44

March 26, 2013 Hickson Compact Group 44, a small group of galaxies in Leo Image Credit: The MASIL Imaging Team Hickson Compact Group 44 (also known as the NGC 3190 Group) is a small group of bright galaxies containing three spiral galaxies and an elliptical galaxy, located about 60-100 million light-years away in the constellation [continue reading]

dec 272012
Anne's Picture of the Day: Hickson Compact Group 7

December 27, 2012 HCG 7, a small group of galaxies in Cetus Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA Hickson Compact Group 7, or HCG 7 for short, is a small group of galaxies consisting of 3 spiral galaxies and 1 elongated lenticular (lens-shaped) galaxy in close proximity and which are weakly gravitationally bound. They lie about [continue reading]

aug 232012
Our Milky Way System has Two Twins!

  Research presented today at the International Astronomical Union General Assembly in Beijing has found the first group of galaxies that is just like ours, a rare sight in the local Universe. This image shows one of the two ‘exact matches’ to the Milky Way system found in the survey. The larger galaxy, denoted GAMA202627, [continue reading]