aug 302013
Anne's Image of the Day: Stellar Nursery W40

August 30, 2013 W40, a stellar nursery in Aquila Image Credits: ESA and the SPIRE & PACS consortia, Ph. André (CEA Saclay) for the Gould’s Belt Key Programme Consortia W40 (also known as Sh2-64 and RCW 174) is a stellar nursery of some 25 light-years across, located between 1,000 and 2,000 light years-away from Earth [continue reading]

aug 082013
Anne's Image of the Day: Thor's Helmet

August 8, 2013 Thor’s Helmet, an emission nebula in Canis Major Image Credit & Copyright: Robert Gendler ( Thor’s Helmet (designated NGC 2359 and Sh2-298) is an emission nebula of about 30 light-years across, located approximately 15,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Canis Major (the Great Dog), about 8o northeast of Sirius. [continue reading]

jan 292013
Anne's Picture of the Day: Emission Nebula IC 410

January 29, 2012 IC 410, a nebula with tadpoles Image Credit & Copyright: J-P Metsävainio ( IC 410 is a faint and dusty emission nebula of more than 100 light-years across, located near the Flaming Star Nebula (IC 405) in a large star-forming (HII) region about 12,000 light-years away from Earth in the northern constellation [continue reading]

dec 202012
Anne's Picture of the Day: The Southern Cliff

December 20, 2012 The Southern Cliff, a portion of the Lagoon Nebula Image Credit: Julia I. Arias and Rodolfo H. Barbá (Dept. Fisica, Univ. de La Serena), ICATE-CONICET, Gemini Observatory/AURA The Southern Cliff is an emission nebula and H II region of about 20 light-years across in the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8), a star-forming region [continue reading]

dec 182012
Anne's Picture of the Day: Star-forming region Sharpless 2-106

December 18 2012 Sharpless 2-106, a star-forming region in Cygnus Image Credit: The Gran Telescopio Canarias Sharpless 2-106 (Sh2-106 or S106 for short) is a bipolar emission nebula and HII region. It measures about 2 light-years long by 0.5 light-year wide and is located about 2,000 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus (the Swan), [continue reading]

nov 092012
Anne's Picture of the Day: NGC 1491

November 9, 2012 NGC 1491, an emission nebula in Perseus Image Credit & Copyright: Ken Crawford, Rancho Del Sol Observatory ( NGC 1491 (also designated SH2-206 and LBN 704) is a bright emission nebula and HII region, located on the edge of a vast cloud region of neutral gas, about 10,700 light-years away in the [continue reading]