okt 102013
Orbital Ballet of Pluto's Moons Hint of Long-Ago Collisions

  A large impact 4 billion years ago may account for the puzzling orbital configuration among Pluto’s five known satellites, according to a new model developed by planetary scientists from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Pluto’s moonsystem. Image Credit: NASA/ESA Starting with Charon, Pluto’s nearest and largest moon, each of the successively more distant — and much [continue reading]

sep 202012
Did a Pacific Ocean Meteor Trigger the Ice Ages?

  When a huge meteor collided with Earth about 2.5 million years ago in the southern Pacific Ocean it not only likely generated a massive tsunami but also may have plunged the world into the Ice Ages, a new study suggests. An artists impression of a huge meteor colliding with Earth in the southern Pacific [continue reading]

sep 132012
Explosion on Jupiter Spotted

  Astronomer Dan Peterson of Racine in Wisconsin observed an apparent impact on Jupiter early Monday that created a large, bright fireball on the planet. He was observing the largest planet in our Solar System with his 12-inch telescope when the event occurred. Dan Petersen reported the sighting on the ALPO_Jupiter forum. Jupiter Impact 10 [continue reading]

jul 272012
Moon's Formation a Hit-and-Run Scenario

  A new theory of lunar formation suggests Earth was the victim of a hit-and-run incident — and that the culprit may still be at large. Computer simulations suggest a large, fast-moving body impacted the Earth to create the Moon. The origin of the Moon is one of the more important problems for planetary geologists and [continue reading]