Jun 172012
Will Earth be Hit by a Large Asteroid in 2040?

  Researchers anticipate that asteroid 2011 AG5, discovered in January 2011, will fly safely past and not impact Earth in 2040. Current findings and analysis data were reported at a recent workshop at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., attended by scientists and engineers from around the world. Discussions focused on observations of potentially [continue reading]

Jun 122012
Over 635,000 Craters tell that Mars has been really beat up

  It’s no secret that Mars is a beaten and battered planet — astronomers have been peering for centuries at the violent impact craters created by cosmic buckshot pounding its surface over billions of years. But just how beat up is it? Really beat up, according to researchers who recently finished counting, outlining and cataloging [continue reading]

Apr 292012
Scientists Find History of Asteroid Impacts in Earth Rocks

  Research by NASA and international scientists concludes giant asteroids, similar or larger than the one believed to have killed the dinosaurs, hit Earth billions of years ago with more frequency than previously thought. To cause the dinosaur extinction, the killer asteroid that impacted Earth 65 million years ago would have been almost 6 miles [continue reading]

Apr 162012
Meteorite, Comet and Asteroid Impacts Could be Boon for Life

A drilling project into the Chesapeake Bay impact crater has found evidence that the subsurface may become more habitable after a large impact. An incoming asteroid is trouble whether you’re a dinosaur or a Bruce Willis fan. But microbes living deep underground may actually welcome the news, according to a recent study of an ancient [continue reading]