jan 152013
Huge Supply of Pristine Gas around Modern Galaxies Found

  Galaxies have a voracious appetite for fuel — in this case, fresh gas — but astronomers have had difficulty finding the pristine gas that should be falling onto galaxies. Now, scientists have provided direct empirical evidence for these gas flows using new observations from the Hubble Space Telescope. The team led by Nicolas Lehner, [continue reading]

jun 222012
The Sharpest-Ever View of Black Hole Jets

  An international team, including NASA-funded researchers, using radio telescopes located throughout the Southern Hemisphere has produced the most detailed image of particle jets erupting from a supermassive black hole in a nearby galaxy. Left: The giant elliptical galaxy NGC 5128 is the radio source known as Centaurus A. Vast radio-emitting lobes (shown as orange [continue reading]

mei 102012
New Molecules and Star Formation in the Milky Way

  GREAT Results of the Early Science Flights with SOFIA: SOFIA, the “Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy”, completed its first series of science flights, using the German Receiver for Astronomy at Terahertz Frequencies (GREAT). The scientific results are now being published in a special issue of the European journal “Astronomy& Astrophysics” (Volume 542, May 10) [continue reading]