apr 252014
Anne's Image of the Day: Dwarf Galaxy ESO 540-031

  April 25, 2014 ESO 540-031, a dwarf irregular galaxy in Cetus Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA Acknowledgement: Luca Limatola ESO 540-031 (also known as DDO 6 and UGCA 15) is a dwarf irregular galaxy of 6,800 x 3,800 light-years in diameter, located about 11.25 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Cetus (the [continue reading]

mrt 152014
Anne's Image of the Day: The Large Magellanic Cloud

  March 15, 2014 The LMC, an irregular dwarf galaxy in Dorado Image Credit & Copyright: Robert Gendler The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is an irregular dwarf galaxy, and a satellite of our Milky Way galaxy. It is only some 14,000 light-years across , and is located about 163,000 light-years away from the Earth in [continue reading]