okt 122012
Bouncing on Saturn's Moon Titan

  ESA’s Huygens probe bounced, slid and wobbled its way to rest in the 10 seconds after touching down on Saturn’s moon, Titan, in January 2005, a new analysis reveals. The findings provide novel insight into the nature of the moon’s surface. Artist’s impression of the Huygens probe on the surface of Titan. After a [continue reading]

jul 252012
Mars Orbiter Repositioned to Phone Home Mars Landing

  NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft has successfully adjusted its orbital location to be in a better position to provide prompt confirmation of the August landing of the Curiosity rover. NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft passes above Mars’ south pole in this artist’s concept. The spacecraft has been orbiting Mars since October 24, 2001. Image credit: NASA/JPL [continue reading]

jul 172012
Curiosity Nears Daring Landing on Mars

  NASA’s most advanced planetary rover is on a precise course for an early August landing beside a Martian mountain to begin two years of unprecedented scientific detective work. However, getting the Curiosity rover to the surface of Mars will not be easy. An artist’s conception of Curiosity exploring Mars. New research suggests that the [continue reading]