feb 182013
Water Found in Ancient Lunar Rocks

  Traces of water have been detected within the crystalline structure of mineral samples from the lunar highland upper crust obtained during the Apollo missions, according to a University of Michigan researcher and his colleagues. Called the “Genesis Rock,” this lunar sample of unbrecciated anorthosite collected during the Apollo 15 mission was thought to be [continue reading]

jul 272012
Moon's Formation a Hit-and-Run Scenario

  A new theory of lunar formation suggests Earth was the victim of a hit-and-run incident — and that the culprit may still be at large. Computer simulations suggest a large, fast-moving body impacted the Earth to create the Moon. The origin of the Moon is one of the more important problems for planetary geologists and [continue reading]

apr 172012
Scientists Discover Volcanic Activity In Moon’s Tycho Crater

  Breaking through a popular perception of moon being a geologically inert place for the last three billion years, Indian scientists have found new evidence of the recent volcanic activities inside a lunar crater, opening up a new window for research.   Recent findings from Chandrayaan-1, and NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) show evidence of [continue reading]

mrt 262012
Question over theory of lunar formation

  Titanium signature poses puzzle for popular theory of Moon’s origin. The Moon’s ratio of titanium isotopes is more similar to that on Earth than expected. Credit: APOD/NASA A chemical analysis of lunar rocks may force scientists to revise the leading theory for the Moon’s formation: that the satellite was born when a Mars-sized body smacked [continue reading]