aug 042013
Anne's Image of the Day: The Leo Triplet of Galaxies

August 4, 2013 The Leo Triplet, a small group of galaxies in Leo Image Credit & Copyright: Roth Ritter, Dark Atmospheres Astrophotography The Leo Triplet (also known as the M66 Group or Arp 317) is a small group of interacting galaxies, located about 35 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Leo (the [continue reading]

okt 052012
Anne's Picture of the Day

October 5, 2012 Messier 66, an intermediate spiral galaxy in Leo Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona ( Messier 66 (also known as NGC 3627 and Arp 16) is an intermediate spiral galaxy of some 95,000 light-years across. The galaxy is about 36 million light-years away in the constellation of Leo, [continue reading]