sep 092013
Anne's Image of the Day: The Cigar Galaxy

September 9, 2013 The Cigar Galaxy, a starburst galaxy in Ursa Major Image Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA) Acknowledgment: J. Gallagher (University of Wisconsin), M. Mountain (STScI) and P. Puxley (NSF) Messier 82 (also known as the Cigar Galaxy, NGC 3034 or Arp 337) is an edge-on spiral galaxy that lies [continue reading]

jan 202013
The Power of Messier 82's Superwinds

  An international team of astronomers, led by Dr. Kazuya Matsubayshi (Kyoto University), has discovered that outflows of gas from starburst galaxy Messier 82 (see below) collide with a “cap” of gas clouds 40,000 light-years away from the galactic disk. Shockwaves (Note 1) from M82’s central starburst region are the most likely source of the [continue reading]