nov 172013
Anne's Image of the Day: Messier 84 in Virgo

November 17, 2013 Messier 84, an elliptical or lenticular galaxy in Virgo Image Credit: Gary Bower, Richard Green (NOAO), the STIS Instrument Definition Team, and NASA/ESA Messier 84 (also known as NGC 4374) is either an elliptical galaxy, or a giant lenticular galaxy seen face-on, located some 60 million light-years away from Earth in the [continue reading]

jan 202013
No Galaxy Is An Island, Entire of Itself

  KIPAC scientists use X-ray observations show how galaxies shape their environment, and vice-versa   A major component of our understanding of galaxy evolution that has remained elusive is the influence of the local environment on the galaxy, especially when discussing galaxies in large clusters. Galaxy clusters, the largest gravitationally bound objects in the Universe, [continue reading]