nov 112013
"Old Young" Stars in the Eagle Nebula

  The early stages of a star’s life are critical both for the star and for any future planets that might develop around it. The process of star formation, once thought to involve just the simple coalescence of material under the influence of gravity, actually entails a complex series of stages, with the youngest stars [continue reading]

mei 022012
Subaru-Led Team Discovers a Stellar Disk of Dusty Quartz

  A research team of Japanese astronomers led by Dr. Hideaki Fujiwara (Subaru Telescope) has discovered a main-sequence star that is surrounded by a rare disk of quartz dust.  Illustration of the HD 15407A System Based on Observations from AKARI and Spitzer.  The dusty quartz disk exists around the star. Collisions of planetesimals, building blocks [continue reading]