jan 042014
Image of the Day: Globular Cluster Messier 69

January 4, 2014 Messier 69, a globular cluster in Sagittarius Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA Messier 69 (also known as NGC 6637) is a globular cluster of roughly 85 light-years across, with an estimated mass of 300,000 solar masses and an age of 13.06 billion years. It is located some 29,700 light-years away from Earth [continue reading]

sep 152012
Planets Found Around Sun-Like Stars in a Cluster

  NASA-funded astronomers have, for the first time, spotted planets orbiting Sun-like stars in a crowded cluster of stars. The findings offer the best evidence yet that planets can sprout up in dense stellar environments. Although the newfound planets are not habitable, their skies would be starrier than what we see from Earth. Astronomers have [continue reading]