mrt 112013
Ancient Fossils in Meteorite Discovered!

  Algae-like structures inside a Sri Lankan meteorite are clear evidence of panspermia, the idea that life exists throughout the Universe, say astrobiologists. A piece of the Sri Lankan meteorite, called the Polonnaruwa Meteorite, that crashed Dec. 29, 2012 near the village of Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka). Image Credit: Chandra Wickramasinghe – Director Buckingham Astrobiology Center at Buckingham University, [continue reading]

mrt 062013
Evidence that Comets could have Seeded Life on Earth

  It’s among the most ancient of questions: What are the origins of life on Earth?   A new experiment simulating conditions in deep space reveals that the complex building blocks of life could have been created on icy interplanetary dust and then carried to Earth, jump-starting life. An image of Halley’s Comet taken in [continue reading]

feb 152013
Today's Meteorite in Russia Compared to the Tunguska Event

  The stunning burning-up of a meteor over Russia today, that unleashed a shockwave injuring hundreds of people, appears to be the country’s most dramatic cosmic experience since the historic Tunguska Event of June 1908. A hole in Chebarkul Lake made by meteorite debris. Photo by Chebarkul town head Andrey Orlov. Meteorite explosions in the [continue reading]

feb 052013
Evidence There Once Was Water on the Surface of Mars!

  Scientists at the University of Glasgow together with the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre and the Natural History Museum (London) have discovered the first evidence of water dissolving the surface of Mars. The etch pits on the Nakhla meteorite sample which the team examined. Image Credit: Univ. of Glasgow In a paper published in [continue reading]

nov 182012
The Hunt for Extraterrestrial Amino Acids

  The hunt for the organic molecules that create proteins and enzymes critical for life here on Earth has largely happened in sophisticated terrestrial laboratories equipped with high-tech gadgetry needed to tease out their presence in space rocks and other extraterrestrial samples. This is an example of chirality of amino acids, using hands to illustrate [continue reading]

nov 152012
Meteorites Reveal Warm Water Existed on Mars

  Hydrothermal fractures around Martian impact craters may have been a habitable environment for microbial life   The study determined that water temperatures on the Red Planet ranged from 50°C to 150°C. Microbes on Earth can live in similar waters, for example in the volcanic thermal springs at Yellowstone Park, the scientists behind the research point [continue reading]