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Black Widow Pulsar in Tango Mortale Vaporizes Partner

  Max Planck scientists discover record-breaking millisecond pulsar with new analysis method.   Pulsars are the compact remnants from supernova explosions of massive stars. Some of them spin around their own axis hundreds of times per second, emitting beams of radiation into space. Until now, they could only be found through their pulsed radio emissions. [continue reading]

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A New Way to Discover Millisecond Pulsars

  Although the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has seen the gamma-rays from over 100 pulsars, many potential pulsars remain undiscovered because the pulsations are not obvious in the Fermi data. Combining radio observations with Fermi, scientists have now found five more rapidly rotating pulsars, including one particularly intriguing object, indicating that techniques will continue to [continue reading]