jun 202012
Are Neutrons Escaping to a Parallel World?

  An anomaly in the behaviour of ordinary particles may point to the existence of mirror particles that could be candidates for dark matter responsible for the missing mass of the universe. Berezhiani Parallel World Graphic: Anomalous loss of neutrons observed experimentally. The positive result (anomaly) corresponds to the gray-shaded areas.   In a paper recently [continue reading]

mei 102012
Billions of Free-Floating Life-Bearing Planets in Milky Way

  Researchers say life-bearing planets may exist in vast numbers in the space between stars in the Milky Way A few hundred thousand billion free-floating life-bearing Earth-sized planets may exist in the space between stars in the Milky Way. So argues an international team of scientists led by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of the Buckingham [continue reading]