apr 122012
'Time machine' will study the early universe

UCLA’s Ian McLean, colleagues build most advanced instrument of its kind A new scientific instrument, a “time machine” of sorts, built by UCLA astronomers and colleagues, will allow scientists to study the earliest galaxies in the universe, which could never be studied before.   MOSFIRE image of colliding Atennae galaxies   A new scientific instrument, [continue reading]

apr 082012
First Light of Powerful New MOSFIRE Instrument

Engineers and astronomers are celebrating the much anticipated first light of the MOSFIRE instrument, now installed on the Keck I telescope at W. M. Keck Observatory. MOSFIRE (Multi-Object Spectrometer For Infra-Red Exploration) will vastly increase the data gathering power of what is already the world’s most productive ground-based observatory. First light with MOSFIRE, and unprocessed [continue reading]

feb 282012
Powerful New Astronomy Tool Arrives on Mauna Kea

SYNOPSIS • A much anticipated new scientific instrument arrived on Feb. 16 at the Keck I telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea. • The new instrument, called MOSFIRE, is 25 times more light-sensitive than others of its kind and can observe vastly more cosmic objects on any given night. • By mating MOSFIRE with [continue reading]