sep 202012
Most Distant Galaxy from the Very Early Universe Spotted

  Discovery of small, faint galaxy opens window into deepest, most remote epochs of cosmic history   With the combined power of NASA’s Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes as well as a cosmic magnification effect, a team of astronomers led by Wei Zheng of The Johns Hopkins University has spotted what could be the most distant galaxy [continue reading]

jun 052012
Two Distance Records from the Cosmic Dawn

  1) The Discovery of the Most Distant Galaxy in the Cosmic Dawn A team of astronomers led by Takatoshi Shibuya (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan), Dr. Nobunari Kashikawa (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Dr. Kazuaki Ota (Kyoto University), and Dr. Masanori Iye (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) has used the Subaru and [continue reading]