jan 202013
No Galaxy Is An Island, Entire of Itself

  KIPAC scientists use X-ray observations show how galaxies shape their environment, and vice-versa   A major component of our understanding of galaxy evolution that has remained elusive is the influence of the local environment on the galaxy, especially when discussing galaxies in large clusters. Galaxy clusters, the largest gravitationally bound objects in the Universe, [continue reading]

okt 222012
Anne's Picture of the Day: The Eyes

October 22, 2012 The Eyes, a galaxy pair in Virgo Image Credit & Copyright: Ken Crawford, Rancho Del Sol Observatory (http://www.imagingdeepsky.com and www.aicccd.com) The Eyes (also called Markarian’s Eyes) are two galaxies (NGC 4438 (left) and NGC 4435), about 52 million light-years away and some 100,000 light-years apart in the constellation Virgo. They are rather [continue reading]