mei 032013
Huge Hurricane at Saturn’s North Pole Found

  The international Cassini spacecraft has found a powerful hurricane at Saturn’s north pole, surrounded by the curious rotating hexagonal band of clouds. Spectacular close-up view of Saturn’s north-pole hurricane, as seen by the international Cassini spacecraft, revealing the intricate detail of cloud formations in this dynamic feature. The images were captured by Cassini from [continue reading]

nov 302012
Evidence for Water Ice and Organic Compounds on Mercury!

  A NASA spacecraft studying Mercury has provided compelling support for the long-held hypothesis the planet harbors abundant water ice and other frozen volatiles within its permanently shadowed polar craters. Mercury’s North Polar Region Acquired By The Arecibo Observatory. Image Credit: National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Arecibo Observatory  The new information comes from NASA’s MErcury [continue reading]

sep 292012
Titan's Seasonal Changes Affect It More Than Thought

  Detailed observations of Saturn’s moon Titan have now spanned 30 years, covering an entire solar orbit for this distant world. Dr Athena Coustenis from the Paris-Meudon Observatory in France has analysed data gathered over this time and has found that the changing seasons of Titan affect it more than previously thought.  An artist’s impression [continue reading]

sep 092012
Mars's Dramatic Climate Variations are Driven by the Sun

  On Mars’s poles there are ice caps of ice and dust with layers that reflect to past climate variations on Mars. Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have related the layers in the ice cap on Mars’s north pole to variations in solar insolation on Mars, thus established the first dated climate history for [continue reading]