okt 242012
Our Milky Way's Black Hole Caught in a Flare-Up

  NASA’s newest set of X-ray eyes in the sky, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), has caught its first look at the giant black hole parked at the center of our galaxy. The observations show the typically mild-mannered black hole during the middle of a flare-up. NuSTAR, has captured these first, focused views of [continue reading]

jun 182012
The Mystery of the "Non-Exploding Supernova"

  Somewhere in the Milky Way, a massive old star is about to die a spectacular death. As its nuclear fuel runs out, the star begins to collapse under its own tremendous weight. Crushing pressure triggers new nuclear reactions, setting the stage for a terrifying blast. And then… nothing happens. A supercomputer model of a [continue reading]

jun 102012
Hunting at Black Holes, Supernovae and more Hot Phenomena

  NASA is scheduled to launch an orbiting X-ray satellite on Wednesday (June 13) that will open a new window on the universe, allowing scientists to probe the roiling edges of black holes, the turbulent outflow from exploding stars, and the smallest, most frequent flares on the sun. Artist’s concept showing NASA’s NuSTAR mission orbiting [continue reading]