mei 262012
Supernova Remnant is a Giant Particle Collider in Space

  Gamma-ray observations of a supernova remnant interacting with a molecular cloud in the outskirts of our Galaxy highlights the interplay of particle physics and particle astrophysics. Supernova Remnant Simeis 147 In the cosmos we see many examples of particle physics at work on scales that cannot be achieved in manmade, Earth-bound laboratories. One such [continue reading]

mei 022012
The Universe as a large particle physics experiment

  The lightest known subatomic particles in the Universe are now able to be more accurately scrutinised, in light of new astronomic research two years in the making.  3D simulated map of the universe showing halos of dark matter, some of which contain galaxies, generated using data from the WiggleZ Dark Energy survey. Astrophysicists used [continue reading]