okt 022012
The Case of the Missing Quasar Gas Clouds

  The case of the missing quasar gas clouds has been solved by a worldwide research team led by Penn State University astronomers Nurten Filiz Ak and Niel Brandt. The the answer is: blowin’ in the wind. This discovery is being announced today in a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal, which describes 19 distant quasars [continue reading]

apr 292012
X-ray Quasars, and a Distance Record

Quasars are thought to be galaxies whose bright nuclei contain massive black holes around which disks are actively accreting matter. The accretion process releases vast amounts of energy, often including a wind, and as a result quasars are among the most powerful energy sources known. Because they are so bright, quasars can be seen even [continue reading]