feb 092013
Advanced Civilizations: Rare but Not Impossible

  NASA’s Kepler mission has identified 2,740 planets orbiting other stars, but do any of them harbor intelligent life? Artwork depicting a multiple planet system around a cool red dwarf star. Image Credit: ESO Scientists at UC Berkeley have now used the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia to look for intelligent radio signals from planets [continue reading]

okt 222012
Chances to Find Intelligent Life Increased by New Telescopes

  How do planetary systems form? What do the surfaces of stars look like? Does life exist elsewhere in the Universe? Astronomers have developed many theoretical models, but until now the ability to validate these with observations has been severely constrained by the telescope capabilities available. Dust ring around the star Fomalhaut is seen by [continue reading]

jun 022012
SETI Finds No Signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence... Yet

  Astronomers have completed the first search for extraterrestrial intelligence on nearby exoplanets using very long baseline interferometry. A telescope’s angular resolution is its ability to distinguish small details of a distant object. The Hubble Space telescope, for example, has an angular resolution of about 100 milliarcseconds. That’s good but by no means the best. [continue reading]